[Baby musings]: Introduction

I started writing these notes soon after our son was born. I wanted to write down what we learned and to share this knowledge with the word (or at least my pregnant-at-the-time friends). For the longest time these notes were kept in a Google doc that I kept sharing with people. However, I'm recognizing that the blog might be an easier way of achieving the same goal since it's a bit easier to share and it has a better support for comments. In the spirit of full disclosure I just signed up for the Amazon Associate's program, so all the links that go to Amazon are "associated" with me, which means that if you end up buying something from that link, I will get a few cents. In theory. I never actually tried it. And when I can link to a local source, I do. Originally the document had lots of links to Isis Parenting website, because I actually bought a ton of baby stuff at Isis, but they abruptly closed last winter, so I had to update all those links to Amazon links.

Finally, all opinions here are my opinions only, based on my personal and very limited experience. YMMV. Some info is mom-specific, but dads can benefit from learning about this stuff too :). These notes are long and might feel overwhelming (and took me months to write), so perhaps approach it piecemeal.