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  1. [Baby musings]: Labor and birth


    Everything I write about is my opinion and is based on my (very limited) experience with giving birth to one child at a particular hospital in MA. I was fortunate to have an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery which pretty much went like I planned. Below are the things I ...

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  2. [Baby musings]: Before baby

    Fun stuff

    Everyone says - go and have fun before the baby is here (especially if it’s your first - we have not yet been on the receiving end of this kind of advice a second time around since we only have one kid at the moment and none on the ...

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  3. [Baby musings]: Introduction

    I started writing these notes soon after our son was born. I wanted to write down what we learned and to share this knowledge with the word (or at least my pregnant-at-the-time friends). For the longest time these notes were kept in a Google doc that I kept sharing with ...

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