[Baby musings]: Sample birth plan

I thought it could be helpful to share our birth plan. I'm omitting some personal details for privacy.

Birth Plan for: Mama's name

Would like to: Have a natural and healthy birth, avoiding unnecessary medical interventions

Primary caregiver:Name of midwife


Support people:\<Name of spouse>  (husband), \<Doula's name>(doula)

I will give birth at: Hospital/Birth Center Name

Mother’s birth date: MM/DD/YYYY

About \<name of mom>:A few words about where I'm from and what I do

About \<name of spouse>: A few words about where spouse is from and what he does

About us:met in xxxx, got married in xxxx, excited to meet our baby in 2013 and discover if he/she is a boy or a girl.

Labor preferences:

· use hypnobirthing relaxation techniques throughout labor
· use whatever position feels right
· may use tub during labor and have a water birth, if possible and feels right
· avoid pain medication

Delivery preferences:

· delayed cord clamping
· allow the placenta to be delivered naturally - please no pitocin after delivery unless medically necessary
· keep baby with the mother skin to skin as long as possible after delivery
· avoid giving the baby eye ointment/drops
· please leave the baby in mother’s or father’s arms for vitamin K shot and blood test

Postpartum preferences:

· I plan to feed the baby with breastmilk
· hold off on bathing the baby for the first 24 hours or until medically necessary
· we would like the baby to receive necessary vaccinations but please explain to us the vaccines administered to the baby
· as first-time parents, we look forward to guidance with newborn care, such as breastfeeding, swadling, diaper changing, and bathing