Quick DIY projects - how I love thee!

It's a truth universally acknowledged that a bride usually wears something to distinguish herself from her girlfriends during her bachelorette party. Now, I've only  been to two bachelorette parties, so I can't really tell what's the most typical bachelorette attire. The ones I've seen so far:

  • a princess crown
  • inappropriately-shaped horns
  • a sash with "bachelorette" on it

I might or might not have seen the one I decided to make for myself - a little veil!

A few days before the bridal shower I finally stopped by the Shoes To Dye For store. "Finally" because it used to be right next to my work, but I somehow never went there. Then they moved (although not too far) and I decided to check them out. As one can guess from the name, the store sells dyeable shoes. If you have shoes you'd like them to die, it will only cost you \$12. Good deal, I'll say, however, at this point I don't think I want to have my shoes be any color other than off-white. If my dress didn't have red color already I would have considered it, but since it does I don't think I want the shoes to be red as well... Anyway, apart from the shoes, the store also has wedding jewelry and veils. Expensive veils... Well, actually, I guess you might want to call it "conventionally priced" veils. By that I mean that veils start from \$100, and go up. Now, I know that it takes some time to make a veil, but I still cannot comprehend why it a piece of tulle on a twisted wire comb with a few crystals glued on would cost \$120. Call me cheap. Oh maybe I'm just normal and would rather make my own veil than buy one for \$100. My FI says that it's not being cheap, it's being frugal :). Knowing me I would probably spend hours making it which will in the end make it more expensive, but I just can't bring myself to spend this much money on a piece of tulle.

The trip to the store was useful though as I got to ask the store assistant questions about veils which helped me to make my own. I also decided on the veil style I like -a circular cut veil with 2 layers. One nice feature of this veil is that its edges do not come near your face, like in the standard or ovals veil cuts.

Once I had an idea about the veils I went to Michaels for some plastic clear combs and then to Jo-Ann's for the tulle. I got a bunch of tulle (I'm planning to make my own real veil from it later) and a string of fake pearls on clearance for \$1.

Here are the instructions on how to make a little veil for your bridal shower given a piece of tulle, a plastic comb, fake pearls, super glue, scissors and a needle with a white thread:

​1. Cut a circle from the tulle. Once you cut what you think is a circle fold the piece in half. Discover it's not a circle. Attempt to make it more like a circle by cutting parts of the piece that are sticking out. Give up when you think you've had enough and declare it "circular enough".

​2. Fold the piece almost in half such that one layer is bigger than the other one and gather the tulle in the center on the piece of white thread.

​3. Sew the tulle to the comb. After you are done discover that you sewed it on the wrong way. Undo the sewing and sew it on the right way. To figure out what's the right way try the veil on a few times with the needle sticking out of the tulle.

​4. Start glueing on pearls. Be prepared for pearls sticking to everything in sight but not the top of the comb where you want them. Get the super glue on all of your fingers and half of the pearls. Keep covering the pearls in glue and sticking them to the comb. Don't forget to press each pearl to the comb for several seconds. Eventually you'll have a comb covered in pearls. Be glad you choose big pearls as you'll need fewer of them.

​5. Admire the result and stick it on your head. Enjoy wearing your veil!

By the way, the veil will get you into a dance club for free and will get you and your girlfriends a free drink and you don't even have to announce that you are having a bachelorette party!

[caption id="attachment_216" align="aligncenter" width="274" caption="Me in the veil on the dance floor!"][][][/caption]

[]: http://ksusha.org/wp-uploads/2010/07/veil.jpg