When you know you don't need another DIY wedding project but you just can't stop

I've come across the DIY project in question a couple of months after I've gotten engaged. It was put off for a while and now I'm actually putting my mind to doing it. What is it, you'll ask? It's a card box! This is the post that inspired it. weddingbee, of course... :)

So, I'd like to make a card box in the shape of the wedding cake. Cool, right? Since I don't want to spend more money than I already did on this project I am trying to use materials I already have. This doesn't mean that I avoided going to Joan's yesterday to score some clearance fabrics for half-off. I'm going to try and use the boxes we already have and since we don't have any circle boxes lying around (sadness :( ), I'm going to use the rectangular boxes we have. I'm looking for something roughly this shape:

[caption id="attachment_304" align="aligncenter" width="246" caption="Don't pay attention to any of the details on the cake or the color - it's just to give you the idea of the shape. I might also stick with 3 tiers."][][][/caption]

Now I have 3 pieces of fabric - dark blue, dark red and off-white, some assorted boxes, and very little clue what to actually do with all this. I mean, I know the general idea, but it turned out that the design is also an important part of it - dah! I should have known this! So now, instead of happily glueing away I'm sitting here wondering how I should wrap the boxes in fabric - should it be all one color? 3 different colors? what about decor? ribbons? bow ties? what's the plan??? I'm clearly in the DIY stupor right now. Hopefully it'll pass once the weekend starts...  (I keep mistyping "DIY" as "DYI" --- which my fiancé thinks may stand for "Do Yourself In".)

Did you ever decide on a project that turned out to be more involved than you thought and that left you struggling?

[]: http://www.cakepicturegallery.com/v/wedding-cakes/Elegant+four+tier+rectangular+wedding+cake+with+crystal+topper.JPG.html